What Is a Fire Curtain?

A fire curtain is a large, fire-resistant drape that remains discretely suspended in ceilings and corridors along escape routes until triggered by the smoke or fire alarm. It then acts to compartmentate and prevent the spread of fire, reducing the risk of people being trapped in areas that will not be safe for evacuation.Learn more :https://fireshutters.uk

The curtains are operated and monitored using a control panel, which interfaces with the building fire alarm system. The panel also includes the facility to connect a battery back-up to maintain the curtain(s) in their fire operational position for a predetermined period should power fail.

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As with any fire protection product, the design and installation of a fire curtain should comply with global dedicated standards. For this reason, Coopers Fire works closely with third-party assessing bodies who are UKAS accredited and can certify fire curtain products to BS 8524.

Fire curtains can be either straight lift (motorized) or manual in operation, depending on the size and complexity of the application. If there is sufficient fly space, a straight lift fire curtain can be motorized via a lineshaft winch and lowered by pressing a button when the smoke/fire alarm is activated.

Manually operated systems require a drencher head on each side of the curtain to deliver water when the curtain is signalled to descend. This prevents the curtain from dropping too quickly and allows firefighters to reach the fire floor to assist in extinguishing the flames. The drencher heads have 3 indication lights, and a buzzer and push buttons for manual operation.