Real World By Andrew Tate Ai Review

Real World By Andrew Tate Ai

Real World By Andrew Tate Ai is an educational platform created by self-made multimillionaire, Andrew Emory Tate. It teaches members how to earn money online through various business models like investing in cryptocurrency, creating e-commerce and Amazon FBA businesses, and copywriting services. It also offers a community of like-minded individuals and access to exclusive resources and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. More info:

The program is hosted on a Discord server and features ‘campuses’ or channels that teach specific topics. Each ‘campus’ is run by a specialized professor who provides step-by-step guidance on the various business models and strategies taught. The portal is accessible via a web browser and also has a smartphone app that allows you to browse the channels on the go.

The AI Odyssey: Real World by Andrew Tate’s Epic Adventure

Tate is a former professional kickboxer who has made millions of dollars in various online ventures. He was also a contestant on the UK version of Big Brother and has a number of social media and YouTube accounts where he discusses various topics. He also runs a popular webcam business where men can log in and chat with women for a fee.

The Real World was originally a course on Hustlers University where students would get access to a private Discord server and lessons on how to make money online through various strategies. Following criticism from several people, Tate created the Real World community on a different platform that hosts its own servers and has its own payment processor. This allows him to avoid being banned by any other major platforms and provides members with a better learning experience.