Gym Gear Men Should Own

gym gear men

Whether you’re a seasoned bench press pro or an at-home yoga instructor, the right gym gear men can elevate your fitness game. From staple household brands to newer kids on the block, the best workout clothes are made for guys who demand serious performance without sacrificing style.

Invest in a good pair of slim fit track pants that look smart and fit your body perfectly. Ill-fitted trousers look shabby and untidy. Also, opt for a round neck fitted t-shirt that does not have too many holes in the shirt.

Elevate Your Workout: A Guide to Stylish and Functional Gym Gear for Men

The UK-based brand Gymshark exploded on social media a few years ago and continues to bolster its cult following with straightforward, clean-looking workout apparel. From joggers to tops, tanks and more, you could build your entire gym wardrobe with this brand and never feel like you’re repeating the same aesthetic.

Ahead, check out the label’s Heritage Cropped Hoodie that pairs well with a solid tank or can be worn by itself to show off your chest muscles. And the Legacy Short Sleeve Cropped Track Pants are sleek, comfortable and built for a wide range of workouts.

Nike’s a classic for a reason, so you can’t go wrong with their sweat-wicking pieces, which are perfect for running and lifting. The SenseKnit Long Sleeve and Nulu Balancer Tights in particular are built for versatility and have premium aesthetics. And if you’re looking for a legging with built-in UA tech, be sure to check out the RUSH SmartForm shorts that actively cools and fights odor.