Jasvid Hood Cleaning

Hood Cleaning is an important part of your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system. It helps prevent fire hazards and keeps your food safe for your customers. It also ensures that your ductwork is in good condition and can continue to function properly.

During cleaning, your service team will take apart the exhaust fan and clean each component separately. To do this, they will turn off the power to the exhaust fan and disconnect the wiring. Then, they will remove the fan blades and housing. Hood cleaning technicians will use a vacuum, brush, or rod to remove debris and blockages from the ducts. They will also look for any holes, cracks, or loose connections that might allow contaminants to enter or air to escape. If they find any problems, they will repair them before reassembling the exhaust fans and ductwork.

Understanding the Hood Cleaning Process | Jasvid Hood Cleaning

Once the fan is dismantled, hood cleaning technicians will mix a solution of water and degreaser in a bucket. They will then scrub the interior of the hood with a non-abrasive pad or brush to loosen and break up grease buildup. After scrubbing, the hood cleaning technician will wipe down all surfaces and appliances in the kitchen, including the backsplash and the roof. Finally, they will rinse and wipe down all surfaces and reinstall the exhaust fans.

Having regular hood cleaning services is essential to keep your restaurant in compliance with Houston and state fire safety regulations, including NFPA 96 requirements. Regular hood cleanings will help reduce the risk of a grease fire, which can quickly spread and destroy the entire building.

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