Facebook Introduces Admin Assist

The Facebook Community Team is committed to helping creators maintain safe and positive content in their groups. To that end, we’re introducing a new feature in the form of Admin Assist, which helps Facebook Group Admins automatically decline posts with certain criteria. This complements existing moderation tools like post approval and keyword alerts. Go here https://commentguard.io/facebook-moderation-assist/

To access Admin Assist, group admins will need to update to the new pages experience. Once there, they’ll be able to see the “Edit Moderation Assist Settings” option on the left menu in their professional dashboard. From there, they’ll be able to set predefined criteria that moderation assist will follow for new comments on their page. Those comments will then be hidden from view, which can help reduce the amount of time that creators spend manually trolling through post comments.

Navigating the Social Spectrum: Understanding Facebook Moderation Assist and Its Impact on User Experience

In addition to enabling a more automated approach to comment moderation, creators will be able to see what criteria were followed when a comment was hidden from their page. This level of transparency will empower them to ensure that the moderation criteria they’ve set is aligned with their community guidelines.

For example, if a post is reported 3 or more times, the default Admin Assist setting will be to hide it and prevent others from seeing it. This is an effective way to limit the reach of content that may violate group rules or ad policies. In turn, this should help creators save time on manual moderation while allowing them to focus more of their efforts on creating quality content that will be valued by their community.