Buying CBD Products Online

CBD Products Online

There are a lot of ways to take CBD, so it’s important to find a brand that offers something for every mood. cbdMD, for example, has sprays you can use on your wrists or chest, which provide instant, on-the-go relief. Its topicals have more of a calming effect and are available in a range of flavors, from lavender to eucalyptus. The company also has a collection of gummies—try “Sleep Tight,” which contains melatonin, or “Stay Alert,” with B12 and menthol. Read more

Aside from the gummies, cbdMD sells CBD capsules and oils in a variety of sizes and flavors. Its oils have a higher concentration of CBD than other products, but they still have low THC levels, under 0.3%—which doesn’t create the high that people associate with cannabis. It’s best to start small and work your way up, as different dosages have varying effects.

CBD and Home: Comfort and Online Products

The company’s tinctures are another good place to start. Their smallest size—5 milligrams of CBD per dropper—is ideal for beginners, while the 125-milligram bottle is great for more advanced users. All cbdMD products are third-party tested and made from American hemp.

Updated Consumer Advice: There is little risk to taking CBD, but it may interact with other medications. Talk to your doctor before you start taking any new supplements.